Sport Organization for the Home and on the Go


When we talk about organizing for sports, most moms will roll their eyes. If you’ve ever been the mom of a sport’s participant, then you know just how many pieces of equipment even one sport can call for. But if you have multiple kids or even one kid in multiple sports, then the barrage of balls, bats and bags can . . . shall we say, make a mom shout, “Time out!”

I had three boys and a coaching husband ~ enough said!

Rule #1 – Organizing sports equipment is not a team effort.

Why? Two reason:

  • Each person organizes his own equipment and apparel because he is the one using it, and he understands how he needs his paraphernalia to function for his best effort on a team.

Moms, as much as our family needs us, our kid really does have a brain that functions in its own unique way. What works for us may not work for him.

  • It’s his responsibility. We want our kid to develop organizational skills; here’s a great place to start and/or refine those skills.

Rule #2 – The best games are built on the basics.

The crates were hung on nails in our garage wall, making it easy to grab a ball or store a ball on the way in and out of the house. The fiberboard barrel held bats and hockey sticks.

The net bag was kept in the trunk of our car. If you have boys, you know that no matter where you go or for whatever reason (read: it may even be a formal occasion), once you arrive, the first boy out of the car starts running out into an open field or parking lot, and the second boy out of the car emerges, ball in hand, yelling, “Go deep!”

Keeping the organizing basic means everyone is more likely to do his part.

  • For traveling, he used the bag of his choice. Remember we don’t think the way our athlete does, nor do we understand all of what is required. A bag with a plastic pocket inside does allow for sweaty uniforms to be separated from otherwise dry clothing.

Which brings us to Rule #3 – If you play sports, the sports bag should always be packed and ready to go.

Have your player repack his “go-bag” as soon as he gets home, rather than right before he needs to leave for his next game or practice, minus, perhaps, the sweaty, smelly uniform that will need to be washed. Game equipment is really more protected in the sports bag than stored somewhere in the house.

Our society is so mobile and busy, keeping with basic equipment storage makes packing up and heading out the door easy. Why put sports equipment in some storage bin only to have to retrieve it and pack it in a travel bag of some kind? Equipment and apparel for games can be kept and stored in their sports bags ready to go.

Basic storage for home and sports bags for the athlete on the go – sounds like a win-win.

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2 thoughts on “Sport Organization for the Home and on the Go

    • Oh so right! Watching one of my sons pack his sports bag is when I realized just how organized he was. It was a great day! 🙂