I’m from the South. I know about lazy summer days of a time gone-by.
But today:
  • managing a home and staying organized sometimes means you just need a second set of hands
  • being equipped with all of the necessary skills to manage a home, budget, time, and people may be illusive
  • caring for aging generations as they live longer and longer becomes a reality
  • filling our schedules beyond our bandwidth happens while we are busy with our children
  • going round and round in circles has become the norm
 . . . then let me help you with:
  • event planning: weddings, receptions, graduations, birthday parties, anniversary parties. retirement parties
  • organizing rooms, closet, storage, work spaces, craft rooms, kitchens
  • decluttering desktops, play areas, kitchens, home offices
  • downsizing
  • space planning
  • home management skills: budgeting, learning to cook, cleaning schedules
  • time management skills and use of a calendar, paper or digital
  • schedules for children
  • menu planning
  • planning your wardrobe and utilizing your accessories

As your:    

Professional Organizer and Home Management Consultant

together we can find the solutions that are right for you.

  • One-on-One Organizing ~ If you would like hand-in-hand help, then having an organizer on site is the best approach. When you contact me, we will have an immediate complimentary phone consultation to determine what your needs are. Following in-house visits are billed on an hourly basis with a two hour minimum required.
  • One-on-One Coaching ~ If you want your own private tutor, we can assess your experience with a complimentary phone call and determine where to begin.
  • Phone/online Consultations ~ If you are a self-starter and your need is simply for direction and coaching, phone consultations will be the best and may be set up and billed on an hourly basis or on retainer.
  • Organizing Parties ~ If you are looking for something different to do for the “girl’s night out,” I can tailor the ideas to your interest.  People can learn and not be intimidated in this fun group setting. Everyone goes home with not only new ideas, but an organizing tool as well.
  • Workshops ~ These mini-classes can be taught on a variety of subjects to any number of groups: moms, Girls Scout troops, Sunday School classes, teens, school family living classes, school economics classes, home school groups, non-profit groups, women’s retreats, networking groups.
  • Speaker ~ Trainer ~ Organizing tips and ideas can easily be taught in a group setting as can topics dealing with managing a home.  If you have a group of women, teens, preteens, moms or work-at-home moms, I can custom design talks of tailored for your group.
  • Event Planning ~ Together we can get your event planned and organized so that execution of the plans will be so smooth, you will wonder why you worried.

The Next Step

 Contact me at  to begin identifying what solution you need. The initial consultation is free; from there we can decide which payment method best fits your situation: hourly, monthly, retainer or project based. I look forward to talking to you.