National Etiquette Week

This past week was the National Etiquette Week. So I wanted to chat about etiquette.

I was beginning to think that etiquette was a thing of the past. And, truth be told, any trip out and about would likely verify my suspicions.

But then I’m seeing a resurgence of etiquette schools/training and most definitely the resurgence of the Emily Post Institute. All of which tell me that I’m in good company to want to see good manners come back in style.

“Good manners reflect something from inside–an innate sense of consideration for others and respect for self.”  –  Emily Post

I’m in favor of good manner for exactly the reason that Emily Post verbalizes in her quote ~ they are a “sense of consideration for others.” I can’t imagine where our culture is headed if we fail to show consideration to others.

Today, my beloved husband accompanied me to the grocery store, the grocery store of my choice. Now that may not seem wildly romantic to you, but it was great news to me. I don’t like shopping at Wal-mart, and one of the brand grocery stores near us has rude associates. So this trip meant a clean store, nice people, help taking my groceries to the car as normal service.

Yes, at this store groceries cost a little more, but I was basically there for the sales anyway. My husband was impressed. Five associates greeted us. It was clean. The bagger didn’t ask to help us take our groceries out; he assumed that was part of his job. AND they had umbrellas out the door for us to use because it was raining. They had a sense of consideration for others.

Manners are always impressive. Well, you are right. Bad manners are impressive too.

Bu does anyone really want to make a bad impression? I suppose there are those who don’t care, but I believe most want to treat others with care and respect.

If you are a mom, join me in a crusade to bring manners back into vogue.

What manner do you find to be the hardest to teach your children?

And we’d all love to hear if you have a great way to get manners ingrained in the kids.

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