My Must Have Tool for Back to School

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“Back to School.” The words veritably ooze with meaning. For some the words conjure up fun pictures of shopping, bright colored tools, making new friends and hanging out with old friends.

For others it means studying, adjusting to new teachers, and studying (did I say that already?).

Mostly it means finding and settling into a routine. A routine that includes:

  • A place to study
  • A place to keep supplies
  • A stock pile of supplies appropriate to each child’s age and needs
  • Time periods for studying
  • Morning processes for getting out of the house on time
  • Processes for having the essentials when you leave the house
  • How to get homework done in a timely manner

WAIT! “Getting homework done in a timely manner!”

I’m a parent, and I’ve spent time teaching in a high school classroom. So trust me when I say the most important tool for school this year is your student’s academic planner IF they use one that actually helps them manage their time.

I was back in the classroom recently and was reminded just how most students limp through their year. Most are using assignment books.

Assignment books amount to a list of assignments listed on a due date. This list is usually referenced the night before the assignment is due, which is why teachers often hear reasons excuses about work not being done.

  • “I didn’t get my homework done last night (last night being the operative words) because I had play practice.”
  • “I couldn’t finish my homework because I had to go shopping for my basketball shoes.”

If only they had been able to see just how busy their week was going to be, the student could have planned another night (other than “last night”) to do homework.

Take a look at this Academic Planner.

Physical features that are great:

  • comes in two sizes: 8.5″ x 11″ and or 8.25″ x 8.5″
  • card stock dividers
  • two page  layout
  • choice of covers


Features that set this planner apart:

  • Space for recording after school and evening responsibilities. If the student can see how all of their time is being utilized, they will be able to see what time is available for doing homework during the week, rather than just the night before.

You can’t manage the time you cannot see!

  • Record classes just once. For high school or college when your classes may change mid-year, you can purchase custom-fit labels to cover the old class schedule.
  • Project planning sheets.
  • Can be used alone or place in a three-ring binder.
  • Complementary tools to use with the academic planner.

The planner is more expensive that your assignment book. But I think it pays for itself in teaching your student to manage his time. Less reminders from you is always a win.

But I can also offer you a one-time 20% discount on the planner. Use the code PLANNER20.

As a mom, former teacher, and especially as a department supervisor for a clothing company, I can tell you how important I think it is for people to know how to manage their time! It’s vital!

Check it out and enjoy the discount. And happy ‘Back to School” shopping!

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    • You and me, Janet! By high school we are letting kids develop poor time management habits, instead of seizing that opportunity. Thanks for stopping by!