If you are on this page, one of these things is true:

1) You love being organized and are always looking for a new idea;

2) You see other organized friends and secretly wish that your life was as “easy” as theirs;

3) You have finally paid the ultimate price of disorganization and have made up your mind to take back control of your home. Please note that if you have not committed to being organized, whatever tips you find here will eventually be dismissed by you as processes that “just don’t work.” You will only frustrate yourself picking away at attempts to become organized.

But, if you need a little push, a starting point, or encouragement to maintain the organizing work that you have already done, then you are at the right place.

Please note that this section is still being developed. More information on more topics will be added often. But if you have a specific question, please leave me a message at I’ll do the research, get the answer to you and add the information to our database. Thank you for your help in making this the best site for getting the information you need for you and your family.

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