Fall Decorating ~ Making It Easy

Fall ~ what a great time of the year! It marks cooler temperatures and, most enjoyable, color changes. It also marks the beginning of the quarter of the year that I most love to decorate for.

Fall brings all the beautiful oranges and yellows. I’m not in love with brown, but it does add a rich backdrop for the warm hues of autumn.

What are you using to decorate?


My challenge to women, who are in the early years of homemaking, be patient; collect a few well chosen pieces each year with which to decorate. As the years pass, you will collect quite an inventory of items to use.

So let’s suppose you fall into this “early homemaker” group. What are some suggestions for decorating while waiting for the inventory to build?

  • Use leaves and pinecones from your yard (or your neighbor’s yard). Leaves can be ironed with wax paper to seal them to make them last. Or you can replace them as they dry out.
  • Use 40% or 50% coupons at local craft stores, i.e. Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, and buy a larger sized item. The larger item fills up space that would require many smaller sized items to fill up the same space. For example a faux pumpkin will work until you put up Christmas decorations; as compared to an “apple decoration.”
  • Some flowers dry well to use during fall.
  • Also, ornamental grasses have beautiful plumes that will dry to be used now.
  • Don’t overlook plain de-leafed branches to arrange in a container.
  • Ask your mother to borrow some of her inventory. Remember we said that over the years, you will collect quite a bit? Your mother has plenty; borrow hers. 😉

Oh! One way to build that inventory is to buy items at the end of the season when you can buy at a deep discount. However, by then the store may not have that one piece that you had your eye on. I suggest not picking out something and hoping that it will still be there when the discounts arrive. Rather go shopping the sales with fresh eyes ~ no expectations. You might be surprised and find something you are in love with.

Women who have collected décor for years unite!

  • Don’t put your decorations in the same place each year.
  • Different from the first suggestion, find completely different places to place your decorations. Think outside of the mantel and dining room table. For example, decorate along the top of your kitchen cabinets, inside your fireplace (except when in use), on the floor at the side of a chair or couch, inside a basket angled in the corner of the room.
  • Add only small changes for a new look, i.e. ribbon laced in among the pinecones, a big bow for the focal point, or a simple splash of color by adding new filler to an old arrangement.
  • Pare down the amount of the decorations you use, which serves to accent what you do have out.
  • Loan (or give) some of your decorations to an “early homemaker.” She wants to be where you are inventory-wise. She will be excited with “your old stuff.”

What are using to decorate? Please share your best kept secret for making fall decorating easy.

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2 thoughts on “Fall Decorating ~ Making It Easy

  1. Welcome back to blogland! Love the new look. =)

    As a member of the “early homemaker” group, I agree with your suggestions. I’ve collected a few pieces every year, borrowed from my mom and Nana, and shopped the clearance aisle! The only new things I bought this year were fresh pumpkins and mums for my porch. I’ve used the same bundle of faux fall leaves for about 5 years now. Those things last forever!

    • Whitney, you bring up a great point. Another reason not to invest too heavily in decorating pieces, they can last forever. I’m afraid that I like to change things up each year ~ new things and colors come in and out of style. I think my new decorating mantra is “buy cheap; change often.”