Changes that Will Improve Our Manners

Every day punctuates that good manners are on the wane. So, it goes without saying that for a mom who wants her kids to grow up seeing and then using good manners, she is not getting much help from the culture.

Moms, it’s all up to us! We can’t be expecting much help here.

 Thank you

One of the areas of manners that is so lacking today is the area of thank you notes. Verbal thank you’s are good; written thank you’s are excellent.

The first question to ask might be, ‘How are you doing in this area?’

The next question to ask, if you are not doing so well, is ‘Why?’

My guess is that you find it time consuming or burdensome to locate those illusive thank you cards and stamps. You might also extol the problem of not having the time to sit down and write one.

Let’s tackle those objections in reverse order:

1) If someone took the time (they didn’t think they had) to do or buy something nice for us, then the very least we can do is find the time to say thank you.

2) Corral those supplies so that it’s not a chore to locate the “Gratitude Gear.” I suggest a spot right where you would be sitting to do the writing. Then make it a fun or decorative part of the space. If you are trying to encourage the little ones, then a portable silverware caddy might be just the trick ~ paper in one side and markers, pens, pencils, crayons, stickers, etc. in the the other slots. If you are trying to encourage the adults abiding under the same roof, a decorative letter size container fits the bill. You can find one of these containers anywhere. The obvious solution would just be to keep a nice assortment of cards and stamps at a desk, or the bill paying center.

Remember to have a variety of styles to choose from. The guys in my house really don’t like to use the ones with flowers on them. Who knew?

Thank YOu (1)

Don’t tuck the cards away because they are seldom used. Reverse the thinking. Put them in a prominent place so that they will be used and you’ll know when you are out of them.


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