The Joy of Entertaining

I don’t know; is it more fun to entertain or to be entertained?

I guess for me it is to entertain, but . . .  then sometimes it is fun to be a guest of someone else. I don’t know; what do you think?

Sometime during the next month, you and I will probably have the privilege to be both at some point. And you, like me, also have very specific pet peeves about the etiquette concerning both sides of fence.

When I’m a hostess, I like:

* RSVP’s when asked for ~ I need to know if they are coming;

* no uninvited guests ~ I didn’t plan for them;

* prompt arrivals ~ so we can eat the food while it is hot;

* children with manners ~ so everyone can enjoy themselves and each other; children should not be the center of attention weather by misbehavior or antics;

* gratitude is always appreciated.

When I’m a guest, I like:

* to offer to contribute to the meal;

* arrive on time;

* help with the clean-up;

* express my gratitude, then and later with a hand-written note.

Simple. It really is simple to make these times of entertaining enjoyable for everyone. For more tips, you might check out this article. For a little more help, here are some articles for your enlightenment.