The Marriage of Decorating and Organizing ~ Edition 1, Volume 3

One thing I like to organize is my scarves. I have a “shoe bag” on the back of my bedroom door that houses them. I can quickly see what colors and what styles I have. Pick one and out the door I go.

I use shoe bags as well to organize items that are at the front door: umbrellas, dog leash, gloves, hats, etc. As you can see these are mostly small things, but things you will grab right before you go out the door. Where in the front closet would you be able to place little things? No where. It is designed with a rod, shelf and the floor. Any organization going on for the small essentials is left to home owner.

While the “shoe bag” style item is definitely an organizing tool that has multiple uses; it now has a decorative element. You can buy them in trendy colors and designs.

Take a look at the ones we have in The Pineapple Patch. I think you’ll see how great they can look. They come in different layouts so you can choose one that fits the items that you are storing.

Oh, by the way you might think about putting one in the bathroom to hold extra toiletries or in the kids’ rooms to hold toys, dolls, or can I use the word, junk. 😉

The Marriage of Decorating and Organizing ~ Edition 1, Volume 2

Marriages can be fun. And so can the marriage of decorating and organizing.

Today I was thinking about labels, a vital part of organizing just about anything. Labeling any storage container, whether it is for storage purposes or for housing items that we use everyday, is the way to get the family on board. After all they can’t put things away if they don’t know where it goes.

Basic labeling can be done with a labeling machine. Type the name in; print it out; stick it on. Done.

BUT, labeling can also be decorative. Oh my! A quick look through just about any magazine that has an article on organizing will showcase some new inventive item for labeling.

Don’t you just love the scrapbook kind of tags? I think they are as cute as a button; but I don’t want to take the time to do those.

Price tag shaped tags are simple, effective and cute when  paired with a ribbon.

Luggage tags get the job done and are perfect if you are actually using suitcase for storage.

Vinyl stick-on letters let you say whatever you want to say.

My personal taste is not country, but I have seen very classy looking cloths pins claiming and naming spaces.

And really, could there be any other online sites where you can get free printable labels?

Now, I do love the chalkboard labels and have some of those! Woohoo!

We are not without options. So there is no reason why this organizing element cannot also be a decorative element.

What do you use? Anybody willing to share your well kept label idea?

The Marriage of Decorating and Organizing ~ Edition 1, Volume 1

With spring in the air, I like to redecorate. But then . . . with spring in the air, I like to organize.

After the winter, there are a few things that I do to close out the winter and welcome in spring: clean and put winter clothing in storage, be sure to get rid of cob webs and dust bunnies, re-organize anything that is in disarray.

But spring time also draws out the desire to see fresh colors and incorporate them into everyday living.

And the best thing of all is to marry the two ideas: redecorate and reorganize at the same time.

I’m obviously not the only one who feels “tis the season.” A quick look at a magazine stand will reveal all the help we need to do both.

Today, I want to set your fears to rest about containers.

Have you ever perused a magazine only to think that whatever container you saw in the article is the final, right answer to your organizing dilemma? I challenge you to pick up another one. Aren’t those containers just the right ones for you?

Here’s a tip on containers and decorating: use like containers.

organizing tips

If you like baskets, use baskets. If you like cloth baskets, use cloth baskets. If you like paint cans, use paint cans. Really! You can buy those cute, clear paint cans and organize to your heart’s desire. The similarity of the containers gives continuity to the area.

The second thought on containers and decorating: tie your area together by using a color scheme~ same color or pattern or coordinating colors and patterns. . In the same manner (and because you can’t always have the same kind of container), color can bring continuity to the area that you are organizing.



Now that was easy, wasn’t it?

Use like container and/or a color scheme.