About     Hey! I’m Debbie and I’m delighted that you have come to walk and talk with me down Pineapple Lane.

I’m in love. . . that’s right ~ I’m in love with everything home and the people that live there. You know the things that I mean: decorating, sewing, foods, nutrition, child rearing, entertaining, but NOT cleaning. That’s just a necessary evil.

I am a Family and Consumer Science professional. In the “old school” vernacular, I would be called a Home Economist. Home Economics was an elective in school from seventh through twelfth grade. Then I spent four more years getting a degree in Family and Consumer Science. What then? Ten wonderful years of developing curriculum and teaching the subject matter. There was never a time when I considered anything else and never a time when I tired of this love of the logistics of managing a home.

I am also a Professional Organizer (it makes the cleaning tolerable). I can’t say that I always thought I would organize people for a living, but at some point it dawns on you that you are not like other people. That realization may come when you’re wandering around in the storage bins at the store just because, or maybe when you go to an office supply store just to relax, or maybe when your friend opens your kitchen cabinet door and starts laughing because your cans are in rows with all the labels facing forward. Anyway, the leap to organizing in 2003 was a natural after being a stay-at-home mom for many years. I love organizing homes.

And the people that I’m in love with? My wonderful husband who is my best friend and three great sons who are as good at organizing as I am. All of which are my inspiration.

I want you to fall in love with your home and the people who live there and visit there. Let’s walk and talk Down Pineapple Lane.

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