A Book in My Soul

There are times when words come easily and then there are times when words come with much effort.

I think the defining difference is the passion. Giving information for the sake of information can be, shall we say, boring. But speaking for the sake of impacting change or being helpful can be like bearing your soul.

As a Professional Organizer, I have often had people who were in the throes of taking care of a deceased parent’s estate ask me to please tell older people to please go through their stuff before they die and take care of their belongings in the manner they want.

I have also had people ask for someone to tell their living parents to weed through their belongings before they die. They know that there is a lifetime of “gathering” under their parents’ roof and it looks overwhelming to have to handle that.

I assure you there is passion in their voices. Somewhere, sometime they had experienced this trauma or were experiencing it now themselves.

Here is my effort to honor this oft repeated request for the older generation to begin the downsizing process while they are living.

On the other hand, I, myself, can speak with passion on the subject of downsizing. We made a necessary move that resulted in downsizing. I was excited about the move. I was happily giving away and selling off a household. Then we moved . . . but didn’t make the next move that we had anticipated to a final destination. I had a full house of things I loved and willingly depleted for the anticipation of the next full house of things. I was caught in the twilight of downsizing ~ somewhere between homes without a sense that this new place was my home.

Then this foreboding feeling began to creep in and tell me that I just might be here ~ with few known possessions to comfort me ~ for a while . . . indefinitely.

A downsized state is far more foreboding when it seems permanent than when you are anticipating replenishing.

But I must confess that a certain motherly I-need-to-set-a-good-example came over me. As well as a sense that this was no one’s fault and there was no blame to place anywhere. We were simply finding ourselves in a scenario that many people face when they are handed forced lay-offs, foreclosures, unexpected financial reversals and aging.  We were living life. And life is not always a steady climb to the top. Sometimes there are snags and bobbles along the way. Okay. Sometimes there are chutes that take you all the way back to start.

But I found myself quietly commanding, “I will make peace with downsizing. I will make peace with downsizing.”

With the challenge before me, I began to see how things would have to change if I was going to make that peace I knew I had to have.

Here is my effort to honor my oft repeated phrase for those who are in this “adventure” with me.

Please comment and encourage each other with thoughts about staying steady when the ground beneath is shaking.

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2 thoughts on “A Book in My Soul

  1. Debbie, I remember reading earlier about your downsizing experience and how similar it was to my own. There is a lot of information available to help people with the physical aspects of downsizing, and your e-book handles the emotional aspects very nicely. Thank you!